Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stacy Richardson Crawford

Also known as Sarah’s Girl, is an accomplished gifted R&B vocalist who has been recognized as one of the industries best kept secrets. Cleveland, Ohio’s largest congregations, her grandfather and Pastor, the late Rev. Dr. John T. Weeden planted her on a chair in front of a microphone. Accompanied by her mother, the late Sarah Weeden Richardson, Stacey hasn’t stepped away from it since. Throughout her childhood she honed her skills by singing with various groups and choirs including her family, The Weeden Family Singers, a 50+ voice gospel choir who, when she was a teenager, recorded the critically acclaimed album “Victory Shall Be Mine”, penned by her husband, David W. Crawford.

Stacey’s style is often compared to the classic, Gladys Knight, Stacey adds a breath of fresh air to today’s music, with a timeless sound of her own. She has captivated audiences throughout the country and has had the pleasure of performing at such renowned venues as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, numerous House of Blues’ venues across the nation. 

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