Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Something Jazzy and Funky! Enjoy!

Taste - Rick James
Never - Keyshia Cole
Let's groove - Funky Company
Don't take it too hard - Tuomo
Let the love - Bennson
Time of your life - Tyrone Lee
2nd opinion - Victor Haynes
Tonight - Peo
Home is where the hatred is - Esther Phillips
Suoer Strut - Deodato
Storm - Stanley Turrentine
Brasilian Tapestry - Astrud Gilberto
Corazon - Carole King
Kuru - Jaco Pastorius
Mahdi, The Expected One - Greg Adams
What is hip? - The JuJu Orchestra
Use your brain - Ed Royal
Just Expressin' - Flow Dynamics
Head in the clouds - The Bamboos
I got you, Man - The Sweet Vandals
Venom - Dutch Rythm Combo
Wake up everybody - D. Fascher feat. Cunnie Williams
Cajun Moon - Juliet Edwards
Those Kiz don't play - Big Light
Tribute to JB Family - The Last Ministers
The Jones - The Temptations
Try it again - Bobby Byrd
Jam for real - Tom Browne