Monday, October 12, 2015

Biki Kaiba

Biki Kaiba, (pronounced as Bebe Kybuh) guitarist Jonny  Herrera and Alan Crawford.  Jon is a versatile instrumentalist on bass, keys, guitar and violin. Violin is the very first instrument Jon has  ever picked up. Then persued with piano/keys, classical piano background, back to  guitar and bass came second best for Jonny. When they play magical things just happen.  Jon's inspiration for music arised at a very young age. When he graduated he went into the Air Force, and on his spare time hang out with other service men who were interested in music as much as he was and, started to a jam night on their off duty-off days. Here you will hear a few of their recording. 
Now,  have gone their seperate ways fulfilling  their time in the Air Force. Alan is an Air Force recruiter in Los  Angeles, California and Jon will be attending University of UK who currently graduated in 2016. He is an excellent graphic designer.  Here you will hear some of their exclusive first time recording ever release on The Coast Radio. Here is  you will hear an acoustic version of Katanna, Uncharted Path,and Syndrome, by (Biki Kaiba, which means unique Sounds in Tagalog and Japanese,) they are both are of Asian descent this is how they got their group name.  Email