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DANIEL GUANUCO A Professional Musician, Guitarist, Guitar Teacher from Cordoba - Argentina, has performed with Jazz Flat Trio and Pardon Me Duet. He works currently as a Guitar Teacher in prestigious conservatories and music schools in Argentina. In addition, he teaches private guitar lessons and workshops in several cities in Argentina. Specializing criticisim has refered to Daniel Guanuco by saying, "No unncessary demonstration of virtuosity, he improvises subtly and distilly melodic ideas."
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Phil Casagrade

 Phil Casagrade has  just released Manhattan Vibe album broadcast his new single "Grooveology."

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Biki Kaiba

Biki Kaiba, (pronounced as Bebe Kybuh) guitarist Jonny Herrera and Alan Crawford.  Jonny is a versitile instrumentalist on bass, keys, guitar and violin. The violin is the very first instrument Jonny has  ever picked up. Then persued with piano/keys, classical piano backgound, back to  guitar and bass came second best. When they play magical things just happen.  Jonny's inspiration for music arised at a very young age. When he graduated he went into the Air Force, and on his spare time hang out with other service men who were interested in music as much as he was and, started to a jam night on their off duty-off days.
Now,  have gone their seperate ways fulfilling  their time in the Airforce. Alan is an Airforce recruiter in Los Angeles, California and Jonny will be attending University of UK . Here you will hear some of their exclusive first time recording ever release on The Coast Radio. Here is  you will hear an acoustic version of Katanna, Uncharted Path,and Syndrome, by (Biki Kaiba, which means unique Sounds in Tagalog and Japanese,) they are both are of Asian descent this is how they got their group name.  Email

Robert Lee Balderrama Revue

The Coast Radio features renowned musician Robert Lee Revue new single entitled "Happy & Go Lucky."

Robert "Bobby"Lee Balderrama, born in Texas, grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, was the guitarist for the band Question Mark & the Mysterians when they wrote their hit song 96 Tears.

With the new release of their second full-length CD of original material entitled City of Smooth Jazz, Bobby and his crack band of musicians that form The Robert Lee Revue have created a musical tapestry that is their most original and imaginative work yet, brimming with nuance, texture, and passion, part from strong artistry & musicianship. One of the most apparent advances centers upon the refined tonal technique of Bobby Balderrama, which possesses a strong synthesis between the passionate attack of Carlos Santana and the melodic fluidity of George Benson. Robert Lee Balderrama also has formed a Smooth Jazz group "Robert Lee Revue" with 2 albums released . first album titled "For the Love of Smooth Jazz", 2010 and "City of Smooth Jazz"  featured Happy Go Lucky from their City of Smooth Jazz cd. We love it! Listen now and get your copy today!

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