Friday, July 31, 2020

Jim Messina

James Messina
 (born December 5, 1947) is an American musician, songwriter, singer, guitarist, recording engineer and record producer. He was a member of the folk rock group Buffalo Springfield, a founding member of the pioneering country rock band Poco, and half of the soft rock duo Loggins and Messina with Kenny Loggins. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

David Michael Tardy

 David Michael Tardy

David Michael Tardy, am honors graduate and past instructor at the world renowned audio school, The Institute of Audio Research, is part Lakota Sioux Native American, is a self taught composer/musician and described by many as "clairaudient" and described as "prolific" by music industry professionals.
 David's interest in sound began at 8 years old, when he used to walk around the house with a portable record player, listening to the sounds of humpback whales for hours. "My love for film music started at a very early age and I began hearing finished compositions in my head. I had no idea how I was going to produce what I was hearing, until I was in the 8th grade, when three musicians came to my school and gave a concert. The musicians had three keyboards and played the theme from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and it sounded like a full orchestra. It was at that moment I realized how I could produce the music." David's parents bought an old baby grand piano for their house and he found himself playing on it every moment he could. His parents took notice that he was teaching himself the piano simply by ear, so they enrolled David in violin lessons as well and even there David's instructors noticed that he was learning the violin pieces by ear, as he would play the school recitals, not looking down at the sheet music, while everyone else was. "Yes, I do not read or write music and it is a completely foreign language to me. When I compose music, it is my intention to connect to the heart of the listener, as this is where my compositions come from. Ironically it was my family who encouraged me to pursue music, when I was ready and accepted into the University of San Diego, to study Marine Biology. I never thought I was good enough, to pursue music as a professional career."  Follow David Tardy

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jazzical Journeys

For Jazzical Journeys, music director Bryan Pezzone has conceived a program of arrangements presented in duos, trios and ensembles for piano, 3 clarinets, saxophone, string quartet, French horn, bass, drums  and spoken word from the Great American Songbook. A newly commissioned piece by Juliette Gray, written by Mr. Pezzone and dedicated to Gary Gray and his personal musical sensibilities is among the wonderful songs presented on the recording. 

The ten tracks on Jazzical Journeys are a hybrid of the jazz, classical and film music styles written by some of your favorite composers and re-imagined by clarinetist Gary Gray, pianist and music director Bryan Pezzone and producer/voice-over artist Juliette Gray alongside a coterie of notable musicians. This recording is from the concert presented at UCLA and was conceived as a celebration musical narrative from the Classical Era, Jazz-America' indigenous art form - and music from the cinema.

Sound of Soft Timeless Jazz 
Gary Gray
Bryan Pezzone 
Juliette Gray

Romantic Jazz

Broadcasting  Soft  Romantic Jazz  

Brian Simpson

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Jazz Masterpieces

 A perfect compilation of amazing Jazz pianists ... and just all around Jazz masterpieces.
Tracks by Nina Simone, Jimmy Smith, Alice Coltrane, Olu Dara, Charlie Parker and more.

Friday, September 20, 2019