Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jazzical Journeys

For Jazzical Journeys, music director Bryan Pezzone has conceived a program of arrangements presented in duos, trios and ensembles for piano, 3 clarinets, saxophone, string quartet, French horn, bass, drums  and spoken word from the Great American Songbook. A newly commissioned piece by Juliette Gray, written by Mr. Pezzone and dedicated to Gary Gray and his personal musical sensibilities is among the wonderful songs presented on the recording. 

The ten tracks on Jazzical Journeys are a hybrid of the jazz, classical and film music styles written by some of your favorite composers and re-imagined by clarinetist Gary Gray, pianist and music director Bryan Pezzone and producer/voice-over artist Juliette Gray alongside a coterie of notable musicians. This recording is from the concert presented at UCLA and was conceived as a celebration musical narrative from the Classical Era, Jazz-America' indigenous art form - and music from the cinema.

Sound of Soft Timeless Jazz 
Gary Gray
Bryan Pezzone 
Juliette Gray