Saturday, March 11, 2017

Homer T. Williams

 Homer T. William Jr.

Born May 4, 1971 music was a part of Homer’s life very early. At the age of 5 his talent for percussion was obvious, at nine becoming a member of the Wicomico Youth Orchestra the violin became the next in a series of instruments that Williams would make his own. Soon he would discover the keyboard and it wasn’t long before Homer was piecing together intricate original rhythms and melodic string patterns. A Master of sequential technology and a Flawless Performer, In The late 80's Williams served as an opening act for Teddy Pendergrass, The Stylists and The Dramatics.  As producer, composer, arranger and instrumentalist. Williams is creating beautiful musical landscapes from Light Classical,Smooth Jazz and Gospel to R&B, Rock and Dance. Homer's credits include Song Vault's Smooth Jazz Top Ten Single "Autumn Breeze" To date He is Being featured on Internet Radio in the US, Italy, and London!

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