Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mario Bondi

 The man with the sultry voice was born in Catania, Italy.  After a long series of participations with Italian and international artist and a small production of disco music in  2006 he achieved success with Schema Records with the album Handful of Soul. His deep and warm voice recalls the great interpreters of soul and rhythm and blues music. In 2007, he released a double disc containing live material, entitled I Love You More LIVE. In 2010 he released a live album Yes You (Live) and followed that in 2011 with a double CD album Due. In 2013, Biondi released a new album SUN and Mario Christmas. On the 5th of May 2015 Mario has published a brand new record: Beyond, featuring songs such as Love is a temple. 2017 He has released  his latest album Best of Soul with Sony Music.

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