Thursday, December 3, 2015



The  World Stood Still, helps mark a milestone in an awaited long journey that has spanned years and continents. What’s remained consistent along the way though has been Mykeljon’s passion and dedication. These traits have kept him going through the beginning of his musical education, to the completion of the recording of his first album. But it was Mykeljon’s godmother who helped fuel that passion, inspire that dedication, and nurture the talents he displayed from a very young age.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Mykeljon found his way to music and the guitar at only four years old. His natural aptitude for performing brought him the honour of playing for Queen Elizabeth II when he was eleven. Even with this, music was not the career path that Mykeljon was set to follow. Years later, as a university student, he released a demo tape that got a surprising amount of airplay on local radio stations. It was then that he made the very bold move of quitting his current studies and throwing himself head first into a future in music. Read More 

Lineup for this new album
Composition, arrangement, record, mix and master by Mykeljon
Guitars - Mykeljon
Drums and percussion - Isaac Sanchez
Bass - Bruce Kerr
Harmonicas - Derek 'Haggis' Maguiness
Keys and B3 organ - Ernie Semu

 Video for promotional use.

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